High Mountain Bluebirds

"To be played at maximum volume with strobe light"

3Ms of Music

We know, you're interested in making music in your bedroom...
We believe you just need three basic components... They are called the "3Ms of Music"... Here you have the magic tools so that you can do magic on your own. As there are three of us who play different stuff, guitar/vocals, bass/backing vocals, drums and percussions, here's food for the trip!

- macbook
- mixer
- microphone

Anyway you surely need your real instruments (guitar, bass, drums)... and.. don't forget.. (to buy) a daily dose of fantasy!


High Mountain Bluebirds are an Italian rock band, formed in Venice in 2013. Their music is inspired by the psychedelic rock and garage of the 1960's. Followers of DIY philosophy,they self-produced two EPs and an album and they performed on the stages of many clubs and festivals.


- High Mountain Bluebirds (2013)
- Floral Tapestry (2015) - Video premiere on Rockit
- Dewdrops And Satellites (2016)
- Timmy (single) (2017) - Youtube Video

For any info contact: hmbluebirds@gmail.com